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The Revival of Sectarianism in the Middle East

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  • Elective course
  • 4 credit hours
The Islamic Revolution in Iran and the rise of radical Jihadist movements brought sectarianism back to the center-stage of politics in the Middle East. Empowerment of the Shi'is in Iraq following the US-led invasion of the country in 2003, further intensified the sectarian rift in the region. This course will analyse the reasons for the revival of sectarianism in the Middle East in the contemporary era, looking into a plethora of Islamic movements from Muslim reformists and the Muslim Brotherhood to radical Jihadist forces and the ideologists of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. We will also discuss geo-political changes in the region that contributed to the re-emergence of sectarianism in the Muslim world. The course will conclude with the place of moderate forces in the region in establishing inter-sectarian relations on mutual political interests. 
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