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Recommendations of cultural events, films, museum exhibits, and festivals in and around Tel Aviv.

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During the 60’s and 70’s thousands of Israelis are living in Tehran, enjoying a special relationship with the Shah and his dictatorial rule. 

Protected by large arms deals and complex financial ties, the Israeli community enjoy a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle; failing to note that the corrupt and despised ruling power to which they are connected, is collapsing. 

By the time they understand that their ‘Iranian Paradise’ is turning into hell, it is almost too late, and they stand to find themselves in the middle of the Islamist revolution, due to take Iran by storm.

Using rare archive footage, interviews with diplomats, Mossad agents, businessmen and their families, the director – whose family had been part of the very same community – reveals a new perspective on the revolution that changed the world. 

What starts as a nostalgic look at a lost era, becomes a thrilling story where huge dreams are shattered in a dark reality of greed, blindness and lust for power.

Now playing at the Cinematheque (with English subtitles) through July. Buy tickets here. 

Watch the trailer here. 

On June 27 Tel Aviv will host the 9th annual While Night celebration. Shops, clubs, bars and cultural establishments will stay open into the early hours, playing host to numerous exciting events from concerts, to classical music recitals, fashion shows, art sales, philosophy discussions and dance performances. There will also be dozens of events taking place outdoors including beach volleyball (for energetic night owls) and street parades.  Participants can also dine at restaurants and cafés which feature special night-time menus, or dance the night away at clubs – or learn the moves by joining a dance workshop. There’s also the option to take a late night tour of the White City, and enjoy the beautiful illumination of the Bauhaus buildings in the White City zone.

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