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Tel Aviv University Dorms
On-campus housing is available to TAU International students upon request. Please note there is a shortage of dormitories, and it is not possible to guarantee that you will receive a room, even if you make an early request. Requests for dormitory accomodations are made during the application process; applicants interested in staying in the dormitories should indicate their interest on their online application form. Requests for dorm reservations will not be considered until the $1000 confirmation fee for enrollment to the MAMES program has been paid. Dorm requests are evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to the date which the confirmation fee was paid. 

All housing requests are processed by TAU International and not by the MAMES Office. Please direct questions to Housing TAU International.

Off Campus Housing
If you will not be living in the university dormitories, we recommend that you find somewhere to stay for about 2-5 weeks while you search for a long-term rental.

Short-term Apartment Rentals
If you do not want to stay in the dorms during your first weeks in Tel Aviv, you can arrange to rent an apartment temporarily. One one way to cut costs is to connect with a few of your classmates and arrange to stay in a temporary apartment together for a few weeks.
Here are some resources for temporary rentals:


Holiday Rentals Tel Aviv


Another option is to stay in a hostel until you can find a permanent apartment. Here are some reasonably priced hostels with luggage storage and/or lockers:

HaYarkon 48
Little Tel-Aviv Hostel
Chef Hostel
Abraham Hostel
HI Tel Aviv Bnei Dan Hostel

Long-term Apartment Rentals

Check out the Tel Aviv Municipality's Guide to Finding Housing in Tel Aviv. It's a great resource on what to look for and which questions to ask during your apartment hunt. As a student at TAU, you may be entitled to housing support from the municipality. To find out more, visit

Students who are interested in renting apartments in Tel Aviv are advised to search the following websites:

Craigslist (English)
Janglo (English)
Homeless (Hebrew)
Yad2 (Hebrew)

There are also numerous Facebook groups, including: Secret Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv Apartments where you can find spaces in apartment shares, or look to live alone.

It can take some time to find housing in Tel Aviv. Be patient and persistent, and we're sure you'll find something great!

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