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MAMES study trips provide an intimate, up-close platform for exploring Israeli society, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and a myriad of other issues that affect Israel as well as the larger Middle East. Trips explore minority populations, tribes and the legacy of tribal heritage in the Middle East, women's advancement, border disputes, political movements, religion's role in society, and more.

5 trips are included in the tuition of each program cycle. Each year we refresh and update the contents of our trips. Some of the sites we visted are:
  • Nazareth - Conflict and Cooperation in a Mixed City
  • Jaffa: A Port City in the Eastern Mediterranean - Globalism and transportation through the ages
  • The Old City of Jerusalem
  • Bedouins of the Negev
  • Druze of the Gallilee
  • Ramadan in Umm al-Fahem
Students also have the opportunity to participate in an optional orientation trip to Petra, preceding the start of the program. The cost of the optional trip to Petra is not included in the cost of tuition.
A View of Umm al-Fahem

The trip to Umm al-Fahem, an Arab Muslim city in Israel, takes place during the holy month of Ramadan. Umm al-Fahem, which was established as early as the early 13th century, has a rich history and culture, which we explore on our one day field-trip with a local guide.  

The trip begins in the afternoon with a walking tour of the village of Barta'a, an Arab village divided by the Green Line. Students will see how this boundary line has affected the lives of the villagers as they walk through the Barta'a market and observe preparations for the Ramadan feast.  

Then, students proceed to Umm al-Fahem to watch a breathtaking sunset over the city before enjoying a Ramadan feast with a family in their home. 

After the meal, students take a walking tour through Umm al-Fahem and visit a bakery to have Ramadan sweets for dessert. Along the way, students learn about grassroots organizations in Umm al-Fahem and surrounding villages, as well as the history of the area.

The cost of the Iftar meal is included.

This year the trip to Umm al-Fahem will take place on August 7th.
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