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MAMES in Print

The MAMES Program seeks to promote the work of our current and former students, many of whom who have had their work published by a variety of Israeli and International news sites. The list below is partial and will continue to expand as we add the publications of other students.  Moreover, the articles linked to below are representative samples of each author's work. The views expressed in the articles are those of each respective author.

Emanuelle Honnorat (2013) Molly Lower (2012) Brooklynn Middleton (2012)

Tiffanie Wen​ (2012)

Miriam Goldman (2011) Patrick Strickland (2011) Gabriella Weiniger (2011) Koby Benmeleh (2010) Carl Yonker (2010) Heidi Basch Harod (2008)
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