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Tel Aviv Global City

Tel Aviv-Yafo is currently a leading Tel Aviv Global City - a municipal and national initiative aimed at elevating the city's global standing. The main target of the initiative is to position the city as a global business center and a global cultural center, by focusing on the city's unique values and assets.

Greater Tel Aviv is already known as a center of technological companies and services, and a creative hub for entrepreneurs of all sorts. The Tel Aviv Global City initiative is a 10-year process that will result in a global leap of the city's centrality, attractiveness and relevance.

Launched in 2011, the initiative includes dozens of projects: the city will seek to attract global financial institutions and international corporations; will market its local cultural assets to global markets; will focus on enhancing the various foreign communities in the city, including students, business people and international visitors; will upgrade its tourist performance; and will implement various social and educational programs for local residents in the spirit of global values.

The Global City Initiative is spearheaded by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, in partnership with the Israeli Government and 10 ministries, the nation's major financial institutions (The Bank of Israel, Israel's Security Authority, The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange), major academic institutions, and various public and private entities.

The Global City's 4 guiding principles include:

GloCal – Identifying the city's unique local assets and utilizing them as global attractions.

Greater Tel Aviv – Seeing the greater metropolitan area as the realm of international activity.

International Standardization – the Global City project cannot be enforced from top to bottom, but rather needs to be embraced and executed by the citizens of the city and the thousands of municipal workers.

Inclusion – the Global City initiative will impact the state of Israel and all its residents, and will bear financial, social and cultural fruits beyond the municipal borders.

The term Global City is used popularly to describe urban centers with significant importance in international financial, cultural and social activity. Global cities serve as national anchors that connect their countries to the global market through financial, cultural, academic, political, technological, creative and commercial activity.

To learn more about Global City Tel Aviv, click here.

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