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As a new immigrant to Israel, the "basket of benefits" includes scholarships for advanced degree studies. Please be in touch with the Student Authority, located at 6 Esther Ha Malkha Street. (It is a tiny street off of Dizengoff Street, on the left side, heading south, just before Kikar Dizengoff.)

To open a file at the Student Authority, the student must bring:

  1. Teudat oleh (oleh card personal or for family)
  2. Teudat zehut (Identification card)
  3. High school completion certificate with transcripts/ BA transcripts in the case of graduate students. (Those who want to study Practical Engineering must send their high school certificates to the Ministry of Education, Misrad Hachinuch, to get it approved)
  4. Previous Studies (special courses/ higher education/ university transcripts).
  5. Proof of army service (teudat shichrur), National service (Sherut Leumi) letter of postponement or exemption from the military service. (If applicable.)
  6. Acceptance letter to an educational institution in Israel (students with a conditional acceptance are not eligible).
  7. One passport size picture.

All Original Copies and Photocopies

*Students that have a minimum of a two year gap between the date that they finished their studies and their date of aliyah must bring a declaration signed by a lawyer filling the gap years or a work notebook.

Budget Closing Dates

1st semester, December 15

2nd semester, June 15

Summer semester, August 15

*For process of Student Authority in Spanish please see attached link.

*For process of Student Authority in French please see attached link.

*For process of Student Authority in Hebrew please see attached link.

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