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Study Trips 

The MAMES study trips allow students to explore the complex mosaic of people and histories that is Israel. Trips focus on border issues, minority populations, and cultural phenomena within Israel. Study trips are accompanied by MAMES/Faculty lecturers who provide supplemental curriculum that increases students' background knowledge of the groups and histories explored on the excursions.  

Additionally, each year the Department of Middle Eastern and African History organizes a study tour to a country that has been influenced by Middle Eastern culture, religion, and rule at some point in history.

In the past, the Department has planned tours to Qatar, Southern Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. Decisions for each year's trip will be based on the current security situation in the region. This is an excellent opportunity for international MAMES students to meet and befriend Israeli students who are also studying Middle Eastern and African Studies, as well as to connect with professors and benefit from their expertise. Please note, trips through the Department are optional and not included in the MAMES tuition.

Included Trips:

Old City of Jerusalem


The Bedouin of the Israeli Negev

The Druze of of the Galilee

Ramadan in Umm al-Fahem
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