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The MAMES program offers a well-rounded and thorough curriculum, including seminars and intensive language studies. Students are required to complete three core seminars and five elective seminars over the duration of three back-to-back semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
The MAMES program offers an executive track (without thesis) and a research track (with thesis and languages). Qualified students who would like to continue onto a Ph.D. program, or who would simply like to complete a thesis, are able to do so under the supervision of a member of the faculty or under a seasoned researcher from the Moshe Dayan Center of Middle Eastern and African Studies.

MAMES research track students are required to complete three semesters of introductory spoken and Modern Standard Arabic language courses. Students who have already taken 3 semesters or more of Arabic can see additional language options here. MAMES executive track students are strongly encouraged to study a regional language, however, language courses are not necessary for the completion of the executive track degree.
MAMES students also benefit from TAU's intensive Hebrew courses. Students have the option to learn Hebrew in an intensive seven-week ulpan course. For students who cannot attend the summer ulpan, there is an option to take a February Hebrew Language intensive course for four weeks.
The program also boasts a strong extracurricular component, including:

- Film and lecture series
- Field trips to the Arab-Israeli city of Umm al-Fahem; trips to the North and South of Israel where we learn about the Druze and Bedouin minorities of Israel; an optional trip to Petra, Jordan; and an optional study tour to a neighboring country (such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, or Turkey), accompanied by expert researchers.

These activities are meant to enhance the students' knowledge and ability to understand and analyze the complexities of a region transitioning through a period of profound change.
For a more detailed description of the Program's curriculum, click here
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