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About Tel Aviv University

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About Tel Aviv University

Located in Israel's cultural, financial and business hub, Tel Aviv University is the largest and most comprehensive of Israel's institutions of higher education. TAU plays an integral role in all areas of economic, social, and national debate. This major center of learning was established in 1956 following the union of three small educational units - the Tel Aviv School of Law and Economics, an Institute of Natural Sciences, and an Institute of Jewish Studies. It was granted autonomy in 1963. Today, over 29,000 students participate in the degree programs of the University's 105 different departments and 27 schools, contained within its nine faculties.

Middle Eastern history, strategic studies, and the search for peace are central concerns for Tel Aviv University researchers. Its scholars are putting their expertise to work for the peace process, participating in Israel's delegations to peace negotiations; and in joint projects with colleagues from neighboring countries.

As witnessed by the 56 Israel Prize Laureates who have been associated with Tel Aviv University, TAU sets great store in academic excellence, innovation, and creativity, while constantly striving to advance and internalize moral values and justice in Israel.

The best students in Israel seek to gain an education at TAU, in a free and lively atmosphere. The beautiful and spacious campus is situated in suburban Ramat Aviv, just north of the city. The University is minutes away from downtown Tel Aviv. TAU’s proximity to the artistic and commercial capital of Israel allowing students to absorb the best of Israeli culture and society.

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